The Quillery

Ellen has always been a creative person involved in several different crafts. Cross stitching, scrap booking, felting, and most recently quilling has occupied her time. She recently moved to Atlanta in 2017 for a corporate day job in the Horticulture industry. She loves all things floral and plant related and this is reflected in several pieces in her shop. 

As a hobby, Ellen opened this shop in the fall of 2013 with great inspiration from her mother's endlessly generous and creative spirit. Carol always allowed her children to be creative and introduced them to many mediums growing up. From finger painting to throwing clay, Ellen learned early to make her artistic creations uniquely her own. She found paper quilling several years ago and was excited to share her talents with those that enjoy and appreciate handmade goods! Explore her listings and feel free to ask questions!

For those that are not familiar with this style of paper art, Quilling is a type of paper art using strips of paper that are rolled, glued and shaped. Making flowers, Christmas ornaments, and other unique items brings Ellen so much joy. All of the items are dried, and then sealed with a clear spray sealant made for paper goods. This enhances the durability of the pieces, but does not take away from the delicate nature of the art. We advise avoiding water and direct sunlight to prevent melting and fading. 

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